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The Best Men

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Undoubtedly one of MusicAngel’s most popular and in demand bands, The Best Men have been topping off wedding day celebrations since the break of the millennium and still remain contemporary– how do they do it? Let’s pretend we’ve a canvas to demonstrate. Well, they have a playlist that spans 1950s to the present for starters. Throw four charming guys together who are giving bundles of energy and charisma into their reception. You got everyone dancing like crazy. Splatter a professional outlook and dedication to music across the foreground and you’ve got an absolute masterpiece in wedding reception music.

It’s really that simple. If MusicAngel can’t endorse them enough, then it’s up to the public, check out their big win in 2014 right here here.

Get in touch with The Best Men here or at MusicAngel.

4 guys, 4 instruments

Reception Fun

A Huge Playlist

WeddingsOnline Winner of Best Band 2014

Jaker & Co

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Jaker & Co are MusicAngel’s newest signing and boy have they got charm. In sum it up, Jaker & Co are a four-piece reception band with a huge setlist and with a pair of charming twins to boot. They’ve been playing weddings and events for over 8 years and understand just how important it is to get everything perfect.

What’s so great about Jaker though? First of all, as well as being fun and professional, they’re of your generation. That’s right – they know exactly what trends and songs are popular at the moment so they’ll be able to advise you on the best playlist spanning all ages, one that isn’t ancient but can still please the Mamas. Renowed for their crowd interaction and irrepressible young, fun side, Jaker & Co would be delighted to play their little hearts out on your big day, and we’re positive that you’d be delighted too.

Get in contact with Jaker right here at MusicAngel or here.

4 guys, buckets of fun

Charming twins!

Massive Set

We’re your generation, so we totally get what you want.

Sway Social

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As WeddingsOnline “Band of the Year” 2017, you can be sure that our Sway Social boys are in huge demand. Here’s the back story. Sway is composed of four lead singers who, from a love of music and the pull of friendship, decided to form a band in 2013. Not only look great, but their harmonies are the crème de la crème too.

The four guys have a massive amount of musical experience, from playing with popular notorious and beloved wedding band After Dark for a decade to our lead singer Gavin representing Ireland in The Eurovision and hanging with Dustin from the Den from time to time. Sway are our “old-school, way too talented for their own good” band and if Dustin’s stamp of approval isn’t enough, then check out their soundcloud or video right below these very words. Or see what their couples have to say about them here.

MusicAngel always says no band is perfect and although we do agree with our self-proclaimed prophecy, Sway Social are pretty damn close. 

Check Sway Social out by visiting their site or talking to the MusicAngel Team.

P.s Read THIS Evoke article to find out more about Sway’s big 2017 win!

4 guys, 4 instruments

Band of the Year 2017

Four lead singers

Live showcase every week

The Beat Boutique

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The Beat Boutique are MusicAngel’s fun-filled evening trio, and thee perfect option for any couple looking for something fresh, trendy and with a massive, varied setlist to boot. Composed of three charming guys Russell on vocals/keys, Steve banging out the drums and Pete as the lead/guitarist, The Beat Boutique combine their vocals for an ultra seamless, modern sound and are so dedicated to making a wedding in their own words- “deadly” – they’ve published their very own “Seven Deadly Vows” to help couples along the way. For every request that MusicAngel get asking for a band with that “little something different” to every other band and that irrepressible “fun factor”, we recommend The Beat Boutique. And so far, we’ve had no complaints.

Talk to the fabulous Beat Boutique right here or at MusicAngel.

3 guys, 3 instruments

Trendy and that little bit different

Mahoosive setlist

Fun-Filled Wedding Entertainment


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BlackTye wedding band are an interesting bunch. Comprised of four guys and a girl, they’re a close-knit group, each with their own unique experience in the music industry. They’ve won numerous awards, been named one of Hot Press magazine’s 2014 ‘Wedding bands to watch‘ and have played together across the length and breadth of these fair isles. Not to let something silly like genre limit their talents, they play a pleasing mix of Reggae, Rock, Soul, Jazz and everything in-between. Check out their setlist here  to see what we mean.

4 guys,
1 gal

Play everything from rock to reggae

Hot Press’s Wedding Band to Watch