Q’s & A’s

MusicAngel would hate to leave you in the lurch so we've dedicated an entire section to answering your every question, pondering and whim. You're welcome.

What is MusicAngel?

Didn’t you read our ‘About MusicAngel’ section sleepy? Well to sum it up we’re an independent wedding music group who handpick and manage a select handful of bands across Ireland. Our ethos is that we’re picky and we’ll only choose to sign those who we know have that something special to make your wedding an astounding day. 100% Bespoke, we’re entirely unique and our pet hates are generics, unreliability and people who cannot think outside the box. Though we know you’re not like that, and that’s why you’re here.

But what exactly do you do?

We’re a wedding music label that hand-picks all of our acts. We only offer our seal of approval to wedding entertainment of the highest calibre, and then helping to bring these acts to your special day. As a small, bespoke label, it’s in our nature to be with you every step of the way. From the moment you settle on one of our acts, Joanna and her team will take care of every aspect. From scheduling to special requests we’ll be constantly on hand to make sure everything runs smoother than silk.

So who takes care of my bookings?

Joanna. Her experience makes this aspect of MusicAngel completely unique. She’s available 24/7 up until the big day and also after. With MusicAngel, you’ve made a friend for life and this connection doesn’t just end as the celebrations come to a close.

How do I know Joanna has the expertise?

Ask around. Check out the reputations of popular bands The Best Men and The Kooky Ukes to name but a few. Joanna has over a decade of experience and knows precisely what she’s doing. A trusted voice within the wedding industry, Joanna’s experience as a wedding music planner is unrivalled. I would go on, but I don’t want to make anyone feel inferior (myself included).

Whom do I contact? The Band or MusicAngel?

Either/Or. Both if you fancy. It really doesn’t matter whether you choose to inquire through the Music Angel group site or the individual band site, all enquiries will be directed to Joanna and her team. That’s the nature of our personal service.

Why should I use MusicAngel?

Because we are the best. We don’t want to brag, but it’s true. We have the experience and expertise to put the cherry on top of your day, making it completely stress-free. Not to mention our bands are all hand-picked by us.  You’re getting the cream of the crop and a wedding music planner all in one.

So what's the moolah like?

The simple answer is it depends on the band. What you gotta know is that we’re very budget conscious here- as a girly team of mixed ages, we’ve been through all the planning before. So we do our utmost to stick to your budget and allow you time to save. The prices will vary depending on what kind of act you want to book, for when and for where, so the simplest option is to give us a buzz and ask us personally. It helps that we love love a good chat.

Pick me, Pick me. I’m an aspiring wedding band. How do I get nabbed by MusicAngel?

Hello there. MusicAngel regularly do their own scouting, but from time to time, we have a sleepy moment and let something special slip through our fingers. If you’re interested in working with the label, then get in contact with our Creative Director- Samantha(samantha@musicangel.ie) and the MusicAngel team will pop along to one of your live gigs, or we’ll have a coffee and a chat. And so Dragon’s Den begins.

Why don’t you have a load of bands signed to your label?

We’re fussy. Very very fussy. Although we’re always on the scout for new or current talent, we’re not gonna sign every Tom, Dick and Harry. No, No, No. We’d only feel comfortable representing the best. So that’s how we’re different.

Can I work for you? Pretty Please?

Alright Alright Eager Beaver. We’ll think about it. No, I’m playing with you now. MusicAngel are always excited about new passionate people who love everything wedding, music, girly or trendy in Ireland or can offer fresh ideas, perspectives and visions. Get in touch with Samantha if interested (samantha@musicangel.ie).