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Jaker & Co

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Jaker & Co are MusicAngel’s newest signing and boy have they got charm. In sum it up, Jaker & Co are a four-piece reception band with a huge setlist and with a pair of charming twins to boot. They’ve been playing weddings and events for over 8 years and understand just how important it is to get everything perfect.

What’s so great about Jaker though? First of all, as well as being fun and professional, they’re of your generation. That’s right – they know exactly what trends and songs are popular at the moment so they’ll be able to advise you on the best playlist spanning all ages, one that isn’t ancient but can still please the Mamas. Renowed for their crowd interaction and irrepressible young, fun side, Jaker & Co would be delighted to play their little hearts out on your big day, and we’re positive that you’d be delighted too.

Get in contact with Jaker right here at MusicAngel or here.

4 guys, buckets of fun

Charming twins!

Massive Set

We’re your generation, so we totally get what you want.