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The Beat Boutique

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The Beat Boutique are MusicAngel’s fun-filled evening trio, and thee perfect option for any couple looking for something fresh, trendy and with a massive, varied setlist to boot. Composed of three charming guys Russell on vocals/keys, Steve banging out the drums and Pete as the lead/guitarist, The Beat Boutique combine their vocals for an ultra seamless, modern sound and are so dedicated to making a wedding in their own words- “deadly” – they’ve published their very own “Seven Deadly Vows” to help couples along the way. For every request that MusicAngel get asking for a band with that “little something different” to every other band and that irrepressible “fun factor”, we recommend The Beat Boutique. And so far, we’ve had no complaints.

Talk to the fabulous Beat Boutique right here or at MusicAngel.

3 guys, 3 instruments

Trendy and that little bit different

Mahoosive setlist

Fun-Filled Wedding Entertainment