MusicAngel hit Mount Druid: Putting the “Beat” into the boutique camping spot

Hey there Music Angels!

Aisling here- the newbie in the office. Welcome to our very first blog post from the Music Angel HQ! I’m writing to you on the way home from a very exciting day spent working on the brand new photoshoot for The Beat Boutique. EEK!

Four of us Angels left Niamh alone in the HQ for the day (to get some peace and quiet from our chattering) and set off for the green fields and fresh air of Westmeath. Myself, Lizzy, Sam and Erica let the windows down and the sun in as we sang our hearts out to the Spice Girls and spun along the M50. Getting lost(ending up in Tullamore) doesn’t even matter to four girls who are preoccupied with giving it socks to ‘Stop Right Now’. Okay, okay…we were arguing over who got to be Geri…

We rolled up to our stunning location of Mount Druid with our mouths agape – that place is be-au-ti-ful! For those of you wedding aficionados who aren’t familiar with Mount Druid (shame on you), allow me to introduce you to one of the mostunique wedding venues Ive ever seen. Located in the heart of Westmeath, Mount Druid is a boutique camping wedding venue with a lot of heart and commendable attention to detail.

IMG_2364The second we arrived, we had a quick catch up with our good friends, Steve, Pete and Russell from The Beat Boutique. The lads had us in stitches as usual, which gave us the energy we all needed to deal with the hectic day ahead. We met our wonderful photographer Claire Wilson to go over our brief again. The Beat Boutique lads changed into their brand new outfits that had been painstakingly and lovingly put together for them the previous week by Erica and Sam. When the boys emerged from the dressing room I swear I saw Sam and Erica swell with pride, and rightly so, because The Beat Boutique lads looked extremely handsome and dapper(even if we do say so ourselves).


From then on, the day went by in a camera-flash induced blur. The Music Angels ran around dressing sets, tweaking dicky bows, hanging photo frames from ceilings and lugging fabulous vintage chairs from churches to forests. The Beat Boutique spent their day making Claire laugh, making us giggle, having tea parties in the forest and playing on the lawn mowers. When the instruments came out, we all indulged in a lil spontaneous sing-along (we couldn’t resist, we’re not allll work and no play). Then we got back to work getting the shots that we needed of The Beat Boutique showing themselves off to be the dapper, cheeky chappies (ASK SAM) that we know and love at Music Angel HQ.

We will get the chance to admire the fruit of our labour soon enough (cant wait!) and then the exciting part – sharing them with you guys. But for now, it’s back to the stage for The Beat Boutique and it’s back to the Music Angel HQ for us to keep Niamh company.

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